Summer Starbucks Drinks + How To Order Them

Where all my basic girls at?! As NOT basic as I pride myself in being in many areas of life, I am all aboard to Starbucks train and let’s face it, that’s basic AF. The one thing I can’t stand is all the Starbs anxiety of not knowing what to order. Add this, take out that, no sugar, coconut milk…and forget about the sizes haha. Tall is a small? Ya, that makes a lot of sense.

This past fall I did “Fall Starbucks Drinks and How to Order Them” and you guys loved it, so I thought why not do a summer edition!

My team and I tested a ridiculous amount of reader recommended drinks (and personal favorites) to curate a list of the very best Summer orders. So, consider this your guide to Starbucks in the summer! None of the panic and all of the fun.

Size guide:

Tall = small

Grande = medium

venti = large

The Pink Drink

How to order: Most Starbucks know what you’re talking about when you ask for the “pink drink” but if they don’t know, ask for a strawberry acai refresher made with coconut milk instead of water! This is the perfect summer drink if you’re looking for a sweet option!

Pina Colada Tea Infusion

My personal favorite at the moment! Tea with a summery twist. This is also a healthier alternative to the pink and purple drink while still being fun.

How to order: Ask for a Teavana shaken iced pineapple black tea made with coconut milk. Heads up, this one is pretty sweet!

Nitro cold brew with sweet cream

How to order: This one is simple! Just order a nitro cold brew and add sweet cream! If you’re not crazy about really sweet coffee drinks, this is a great option! It’s simple but so so good.

Dragon Drink

How to order: Ask for an iced mango dragonfruit refresher with coconut milk! This is similar to the pink drink but a little more tangy. It’s very instagram worthy as well. Lol!

Black Iced Tea Unsweetened

My go-to always! No calories, caffeine and refreshing? Sign me up.

How to order: Ask for black iced tea unsweetened! Pretty simple but so so so good. This is my every day go-to. It’s refreshing and perfect for summer!

Iced Chai

How to order: Just ask for an iced chai latte! I loveee a good chai in the winter so throwing it on ice is the perfect way to get my favorite winter drink in the heat of summer!