TGIF babes and welcome to my first #AskCourt! I thought it would be really fun to do a Q&A where you guys got to ask me any questions you had. So, I went on on Instagram and Snapchat (CourtShields87) and asked you to to leave me your questions, and I’ll be answering as many as I can today! Fair warning, this is going to be a long one, so grab a snack or a coffee and get comfy! hehe.

Q. What camera do you use for your photos?

For the DSLR photos, I use a Canon 6D and everything is shot on my iphone6!

Q. What do you ask for when you get your hair colored? Favorite Products?

My hair color has been achieved over months! I like to take it in steps to keep my hair really healthy :). In terms of what to ask for, if you want my hair color, I recommend bringing your colorist a few pictures of me and showing them what you want that way! That’s generally the best way to make sure that they really understand what you’re looking for and can tell you if it’s possible on you hair!

I shared all of my favorite products here.

Q. Any tips of growing your hair out?

I have a full post all about my haircare routine with tips and products I love! You can check it out here.

Q. Do you bleach your teeth? If so, what do you use?

Yes! It’s been awhile haha but I use Crest White Stripes.

Q. Dream vacation?

Oh my gosh…this is a hard one haha – I think either Europe or Greece and for sure somewhere tropical! Alex and I went to Paris for our honeymoon which we loved! And we’re heading to London and Germany at the end of the summer. Greece has always been on my bucket list 🙂

Q. What are your most used lipsticks? How do you keep a healthy relationship with your husband? 

You guys know that I’m a major makeup junkie, so I switch my lipsticks up ALL the time but I love Mac lipsticks, Bite Beauty etc. I share a lot of daily favorite on my Snapchat (@CourtShields87).

For us, it’s all about having a really strong foundation of trust, friendship and love/passion for each other and lots of communication and compromising. It’s important to know what makes your significant other tick, what matters to them, what do they value. If you’re married or in a relationship, I really recommend this book! No relationship is perfect, but I feel like it’s all about being a team and growing together :). Oh and, flirting!! Keep it fun and fresh with dates and cute little moments.

Q. How did you and Alex meet?

Hehe, fate for sure! I tell the whole story here in my “Get to Know Me” video. You can watch it here!

Q. Where do you buy the majority of your clothes?

I love Nordstrom because they have the best customer service! I also love Anthropology, Madewell, Urban Outfitters, local boutiques etc. :). I also really love finding brands online!

Q. How to tackle the humidity in the hair department?

Good one! This totally depends on HOW humid it is. If you’re talking Florida on a bad day humid, girl – throw your hair in a braid and call it a day! There are some types of humidity that no amount of effort can help haha, am I right? But most of the time, great products will help! I love this beach wave spray, it holds my curls in place all day and this oil helps tame the frize.

Q.  What are your favorite pair of heels? Or favorite sunglasses for summer? Or favorite summer updo- tutorial?! 

In summer I like to keep it classic with a pair of nude pumps or strappy sandals! I also love a good pair of wedges because – comfort (yassss!). For a splurge, my favorite sunnies are hands down Celine’s! They’re one of my guilty pleasures. But lately for summer, I’ve been really loving Quay 🙂 They’re super affordable and fun. As far as favorite up-do’s, I love an easy peasy top knot or a great braid!

Ok y’all, that’s it for todays #AskCourt! Did you guys like this post? I’m thinking about starting a series where I do this type of post every so often 🙂