Mexico Recap For The Girls

Courtside With Courtney Ep 15

Join Courtney for another episode of Courtside with Courtney where she spills tea on her dating life and career that she doesn’t spill anywhere else. In this episode, Courtney dives into the truth about brand trips and working as a content creator. She details her recent trip with BeautyBio to Mexico. Get the scoop on what it’s like meeting a creator you look up to on brand trips, how she was able to bring her bestie and the adventures Natalie and Courtney took while in Cabo. She shares insights on relationships and dating, discussing the significance of letting people show their true selves through their actions and emphasizing the importance of mutual effort and energy in meaningful connections.

The reason we were in Cabo in the first place! The launch of these blendrops! They’re soooo good I love the filtered finish drops to give me that extra sun protection.

I add this to my water every single day. At least 1 pack a day! I notice the difference in hydration when I don’t have one of these per day. The salts and potassium really help your body actually absorb the water.


My favorite way to make sure I’m getting all the foundational nutrients that I need. I definitely feel like the probiotics and prebiotics in this drink have helped my gut!

This has been a game changer to my routine. I take it every single day and I swear it’s made my lashes and nails grow. TLDR if your gut barrier is healthier, everything will be healthier!!

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The Away and BEIS suitcases are probably my favorites. I do think the shell of the away is a bit stronger though.

If you travel a lot or are going on a trip where your goal is to carry everything on I love this duffel and would recommend it. I use this as my duffel/under-the-seat bag and then I will also have a roll-on carry-on. I put my purse inside the duffel so it doesn’t count as a bag haha.