Life in NYC, How To Stand Out On Hinge, and Plastic Surgery with Halley Kate

Courtside with Courtney Ep 14

In this week’s episode of Courtside with Courtney, join Courtney as she sits down with TikToker Halley Kate for an insider’s look into life as an influencer in NYC. The two delve into the intricacies of dating in the public eye and share insights on navigating relationships while maintaining a social media presence. Halley opens up about her journey in the world of social media, offering valuable tips for aspiring content creators. From emphasizing the importance of consistency to addressing how to handle negative feedback, listeners gain invaluable insights into the realities of building an online presence. Both Courtney and Halley candidly discuss their experiences with cosmetic procedures, shedding light on the pressures and misconceptions surrounding beauty standards. Halley also shares her favorite beauty hacks, including the perfumes that consistently earn her compliments.