Behind The Curtain with Audrey

Courtside with Courtney Ep 10

Join Courtney for another captivating episode of Courtside with Courtney as she pulls back the curtain with her dear friend and COO, Audrey. Delving deep into their shared experiences, the conversation offers a unique perspective on Courtney’s life through Audrey’s eyes. In this intimate discussion, Courtney and Audrey explore sensitive topics such as Courtney’s encounters with cancel culture and the challenges of navigating friendship fallouts. Emotions run high as Audrey offers her unique perspective on Courtney’s past experience in an abusive relationship. Together, the two share valuable insights on supporting a loved one in a toxic relationship. Audrey also shares her journey of balancing her role as COO with the joys and challenges of motherhood, offering candid reflections on building a healthy relationship with her husband.