Tik Tok Growth, Haters, Confidence & Coparenting

Courtside With Courtney Ep 5

In this episode of “Courtside with Courtney,” join host Courtney Shields as she sits down with TikToker and friend Avery Woods. The duo explores Avery’s skyrocketing success journey, emphasizing authenticity in the face of influencing and discussing the strategy that grew her following by 1 million in less than 6 months. Touching on personal narratives, from positive body image to the complexities of maintaining intimacy in long-term relationships, the episode is real, raw, and inspiring. As the discussion unfolds, Courtney and Avery provide insights into the nuances of relationships, including the dynamics of co-parenting and the importance of maturity in friendships. The episode concludes with reflections on humility, hard work, and the value of quality time in a successful marriage. Tune in for an engaging conversation that goes beyond the surface of social media fame, revealing the authentic stories that shape the lives of content creators.