12 Beauty Buys From The Nordstrom Sale

Every year I scour the sale for the best beauty buys, but like the rest of the sale, I am picky and I really like to narrow it down to my top selects. If you’re new around here and haven’t followed me for the sale in years past, the beauty finds are of my favorite things to cover because beauty is kinda my thing.

If you’re looking for a list that has weeded out all the “meh” items and only has all the best of beauty, you’ve come to the right spot. beauty finds in the Nordstrom sale.

Currently SOLD OUT- leaving in case it re-stocks.

I’m completely obsessed with these body duo. I’ve been using it for about two months now and it makes me happy every time I shower ha. The products are all clean (free of anything bad) and smell so amazing that they make you feel like you’re are at a spa.

Currently SOLD OUT but wanted to include because it came back in stock the other day, so I’m crossing my fingers.

I got this set last year and have used it just about every day since then! The brushes are amazing, beautiful, and such a steal. I like it so much that I bought another set this year and I’m considering snagging more as gifts.

Since I loved the eye brushes so much last year, I decided to give the face set a shot this year.

This is hands down my personal favorite curling iron! I have tried several (high-end and affordable) and this one takes the cake. It leaves my curls bouncy, full, and soft. I also feel like my curl lasts so long when I use this.

One of my favorite nude lip liners and lipstick. The color is super flattering and isn’t too pink and the formula is creamy but doesn’t smudge. I’ve been loving this lip gloss over the lip liner for a subtle gloss and color.

Currently SOLD OUT-leaving incase it re-stocks! I was super excited to see this as part of the sale! I LOVE the Olaplex No. 3 for achieving and maintaining healthy hair while coloring. I notice a huge difference when I don’t use it.

This lip glow color reviver balm is in my top 10 beauty products of all-time. I have used it for YEARS and always have one in my bag. It’s the perfect throw it on and go (no mirror required) type of lip product. It’s hydrating and adds the perfect amount of color to your lips for easy makeup days. Fun fact: It’s formulated to react with your body’s chemistry, so it looks a little different on everyone.

I don’t currently use any lash serums but I’ve heard amazing things about this one and wanted to grab it during the sale. I love that it comes with two – one for me and I gifted one to Liz.

Tons of questions have come through my DMs about whether I got my eyebrows laminated or not. I haven’t, but I am super intrigued by it. I’ve been using this brow gel lately, and the key is making sure the brow gel is still super fresh & new!

One of my favorite mascaras and the perfect lip gloss for a nice little plump. This lipgloss is a plumping gloss and I notice a slight tingle when using, but nothing major. I definitely feel like it plumps my lips a good amount for a gloss!

Currently SOLD OUT- leaving in case it re-stocks.

My hair has been super dry after coloring my hair light again, so I am adding in all the hydration I can with the Olaplex and the OUAI leave in conditioner.

I was super excited to grab this while on sale. I’ve heard great things and will definitely bring it with me when we can finally start traveling again.