Behind The Scenes with Tula

+ a look into their new product drop

So, cats out of the bag so to speak. By the way, why is that expression a thing…why would a cat ever be in a bag? Long story short, I had an idea for a product that I wanted to create with Tula and we have had the most amazing experience bringing it all to life. From taking trips to NYC (pre-COVID 19), being involved in the formula and ingredients (can’t wait to share), to bringing the whole vision to life in this photoshoot. I’ve been using the product for a long time now and can’t wait to share it with you all!

I have also been totally obsessed with the sunscreen. It’s a total game-changer in summer! If you haven’t tried it yet, it gives your skin the prettiest glow (that lasts). My skin is usually really sensitive to sunscreen and this one lays so well under makeup and doesn’t breakout me but at all. Tula also just launched a brand new exfoliating blackhead scrub that is everything I’ve been needing. I love using it right around my nose and on my cheeks!

So Poreless Deep Exfoliating Blackhead Scrub – This scrub uses pink salt, volcanic sand & witch hazel to exfoliate and purify pores (which helps minimize the appearance of blackheads). The probiotics, raspberry leaf & pomegranate in this scrub help reveal softer & more balanced skin.


– It helps minimize the appearance of blackheads.

– Exfoliates + purifies pores.

– Reveals smoother, softer, and more balanced skin.

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I start off by washing my face with my favorite face wash of all time. I’ve been using it day and night for a little over 2 years now and totally swear by it!

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This little beauty is the perfect skincare/makeup hybrid. I love wearing it under makeup as suggested, but personally, I’m obsessed with wearing it on those easy, quick, no-makeup days. If I have a big party, event, photoshoot anything like that, I try to keep makeup off my skin the day before, so something like this is perfect.

use code: COURTNEY for 15% off your order (does not apply to items on autoship)

Makes the perfect base under makeup when I need it to last all day. I love how smoothing it is, and this has been a go to under my foundation.


code : COURTNEY for 15% off your order (does not work on autoship)