Mantras + Affirmations to Start and End Your Day

words that will raise your spirit

I wanted to make a list of mantras that I found uplifting, inspiring, and affirming. Some of these are my personal favorites, and others I found by reading through your amazing responses. As with anything take what works for you and leave the rest. Honestly, the simple act of reading through these has completely inspired me today. We are all worthy, kind, and capable of doing hard things. I hope this list of mantras helps you start and end your day on the right foot.

The Mantras.

I am worthy

I am strong

I am brave

I am not alone

I am willing to learn

I am unique

I am kind

I am accepting

I am a good friend

I am capable

I can make a change

I am beautiful inside and out

I am enough

I can do this

I am perfectly imperfect

I am a good listener

I am important

I am heard

I love my body

I can do hard things

I was born for this

I am helpful

I am healthy

I am confident

I am giving and receiving abundant love

I am exactly where I am supposed to be

I am me and that’s great

I have a beautiful heart

I can make a difference

I am valued

I matter

I have a purpose

I am independent

I am courageous

I am kind to everyone

I am unapologetically me

I am special

I am a gentleman

Helpful Mantras for Anxiety.

Fear doesn’t control me

I am ok I am safe

I will not allow anyone to steal my joy today

This too shall pass

Mantras to End With.

Today is a good day to have a good day

Today I’m going to do my best