Two Ways to Get Out of Your Head

+ why I NEED to get outside

tank.  fringe trim cover up.  earrings.  sneakers.

Over the past few months I’ve found a lot of peace in nature. I used to go to pilates, spin, or do my workouts inside a studio in a group setting. Now, my most peaceful times are usually in nature. Some mornings I go for long walks, sit down by the lake, and take deep breathes. Other days Kinsley and I take our shoes off and walk in the grass to do some grounding.

Did you know that grounding actually realigns your electric energy by reconnecting you to the earth? Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

The other thing I’ve learned to enjoy during quarantine is relaxation. You see, I wasn’t very good at actually relaxing and allowing myself to curl up with a book and drink, no phone, no computer, no “other thing” to do while I pretend to relax. Of course I still have those nights when I binge a show and work simultaneously, but I have tried to be much more intentional about taking the time to truly unplug. Take a bath, do a face mask, journal, meditate, or read a book.

Whether you are the unplug and lounge type or the get out in nature type (or maybe a bit of both like me), I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites and things I’ver personally been loving from Nordstrom. It may be different in every city, but in Austin our Nordstrom is offering same day, curb side pick-up. You pull up to the designated spots at your store, call, and they bring the items out to your car. Perfect for when you see something online that you just have to have asap. Also, it’s “contact free” you pop the trunk and they will put the item right in, so it’s a great option for safely getting items quickly.

Get Out In Nature.

Stay In + Get Cozy With A Book.

Thank you Nordstrom for Collaborating with me on this post.