Affordable Summer Skincare

+ why I switch up my moisturizer with the seasons

It’s officially hot in Austin and while I’ve been enjoying every single minute of the rising temps, it’s also caused my skin (per usual) to shift, and you know what that means? You guessed it, a routine change. During summer, my combo skin tends to be oilier in my T-zone area and dry to normal on my cheeks. Your T-zone already has more sebaceous glands (fun fact : they’re larger around your nose too) which produce oil/ sebum. The heat and high humidity of summer increase oil production, so a change in routine (or at least swapping a few products) is key to managing your skins changing needs.

The first product I swap as the temps get higher is my moisturizer. Last summer I wore Tula’s Dew Your Thing moisturizer and it was a dream, so I instantly brought that baby out and have already seen a huge difference in my skin. It’s light-weight, oil free (amazing for combo or oily skin) and has been hydrating but keeping my skin feeling fresh.

The Tula Purifying Cleanser is one product I think I’ll always use. I’ve used it for the past 5 years and haven’t looked back. I have however, made a new discovery over the past year and it’s a game changer. Not only does this cleanser wash your face well, but it also takes off all your makeup, even mascara. So now, instead of having to take my makeup off then wash my face, the process is much more simple, which is  a win during summer months. The more efficient the better as far as I’m concerned.

I also tend to spend a lot more time in the sun, so making sure you have a great sunscreen that will protect your skin, wear well under makeup, and of course not break you out is essential. I have been loving the new Protect + Glow Broad Spectrum Daily Sunscreen because it does all of the above, but also gives your skin a really pretty subtle, pearly glow. You know, that J.LO vibe we all strive for. This new beauty not only provides daily SPF 30 but also the added benefit of protection against damaging pollution and blue light – great for both indoor and outdoor wear. It’s also a non-comedogenic formula that won’t clog pores or leave a white cast (ie. doesn’t break you out or make you look crazy in photos). Like all of Tula’s products, it’s powered by skincare-first ingredients like probiotics, pineapple & papaya. A major bonus is this formula is non-greasy, smells good & is reef-safe. Basically, it’s not just a sunscreen, it’s skincare.

A few fun ingredients to note if you’re into this stuff like I am…

  • Probiotics: help lock in moisture & strengthen the skin barrier
  • Pineapple & Papaya: help promote even skin tone
  • Wild Butterfly Ginger Root: helps protect skin against blue light

Let’s chat primers.

As far as primers go, I reach for both of Tula’s primers constantly. To give you a mini breakdown of each…

Blurring Ideal for combo or dry skin. I use this one both under makeup and on it’s own. It’s great for no-makeup days and gives your skin the most beautiful glowy tan look.

Smoothing This one is a dream for combo to oily skin because it smooths, totally minimizes the look of pores, and makes your skin look super soft. Its also grips your makeup like no other and helps it last all day. I wear this one under makeup specifically.

I of course always top everything off with my rose glow eye balm. I legit can’t go without this stuff. It cools, de-puffs and wakes my eyes up (formulated with caffeine) and is a personal must during any season.

Products I Love.

What products have you been loving?

I start off by washing my face with my favorite face wash of all time. I’ve been using it day and night for a little over 2 years now and totally swear by it!

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I have been loving this oil free moisturizer since the temps have changed in Austin. The humidity has made my T-zone more oily and swapping my heavier winter moisturizer with this one has been the trick!


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This is an EVERYDAY must-have. No skip days, ya feel? The best eye balm for waking you up, de-puffing and getting your eyes ready for the day.


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SPF 30

Gives the prettiest glow and doesn’t leave a white cast. I apply my makeup over it like normal.

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This little beauty is the perfect skincare/makeup hybrid. I love wearing it under makeup as suggested, but personally, I’m obsessed with wearing it on those easy, quick, no-makeup days. If I have a big party, event, photoshoot anything like that, I try to keep makeup off my skin the day before, so something like this is perfect.

use code: COURTNEY for 15% off your order (does not apply to items on autoship)

Makes the perfect base under makeup when I need it to last all day. I love how smoothing it is, and this has been a go to under my foundation.


code : COURTNEY for 15% off your order (does not work on autoship)