Spring + Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

A round up of dresses to make you smile (all under $200)

Spring is here with summer right around the corner, and while I know events like weddings  seem a bit like a pipe dream at the moment, there’s nothing wrong with a little dreaming. We had a ton of weddings scheduled (pre-quarantine), some of which have been postponed, and some are currently still on. While I am all about embracing the cozy, comfy side of staying home, I also wanted to throw together a round-up of “guest of the wedding” dresses for anyone who needs a happy little escape. As you all know, I prefer to look on the bright side and while I think we still have a ways to go, eventually, we will resume some kind of normalcy and I for one plan on coming out swinging. So, without further adieu, a simple round-up of pretty dresses to make you smile. A lot of these are actually on sale right now, so if one or two catch your eye, snag them and they’ll be in your closet ready when the world is.

Let me know if you’re into this idea and I can do the same for shoes, accessories, and beauty. Love you guys!