My Most Re-Purchased Amazon Items

The things I get on repeat and why I love them

I’m pretty sure we are all hooked on Amazon. If you’re not, you’re a better woman than I am. The pure convenience alone supersedes anything else. Amazon is kind of like Alison Wonderland, you go down the rabbit hole and before you know it you are somewhere you never knew existed. There are tons of one off items, things I didn’t rebuy for a slew of reasons, but here are the things I go back to time and time again and basically can’t go without.

Do yourself a favor and get these, quick! Saves tons of money making the Medicine ball at home. I have an IGTV tutorial over on my instagram. Click here to watch.

My ride or die makeup tool. I’ve used these for years and absolutely love them. It’s a 5pc set and is under $10 so it’s seriously worth it!

You know I’ve shared these, needless to say the whole fam is obsessed. Liz has these on deck too, and let me tell you… nothing is worse than running to the pantry and someone took the last one (looking at you Alex).

These are hands down my favorite energy drinks. They come in the most fun flavors and have become a go-to over the past year. I’m currently loving the Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Peach Rings, and Rainbow Candy.

Even if you don’t love pretzels, give these a shot. They have a seasoning that I can’t quite put my finger on but it is SO good. Kinsley loves them and anytime she’s snacking on Dot’s I find myself stealing a few.

These have become an Albright family morning activity. If you aren’t familiar with elderberry, it’s used to boost the immune system and in gummy form is a real treat. We even use them to bargain with Kins, they’re that good. Of course they are vitamins, so you should only take your allotted amount, but it’s pretty cute how much she loves them. Are we seeing a pattern here with the sweets?

These are SO hard to get your hands on at my local GNC, so when they popped up on Amazon I stocked up. I love the chocolate chip protein cookie for a quick sweet treat with the added benefit of protein.

A necessity year round. Perfect for added hydration on the daily but really comes in clutch when you have a cold / flu.

If you have a sweet tooth like me, these are a must! They are packed with fiber, have minimal sugar and low carbs, making them the ideal way to kick your sweet cravings to the curb. I am obsessed with the Gummy Bears, Peach Rings, and Swedish Fish!

Weird item to land on the my top re-purchases, right? But not actually, because I have re-ordered my portable charger more times than I care to admit. I always have one on hand since a ton of my work takes place on my phone so I’ve purchased a few, and I may have lost a few too..