How To Make a Charcuterie Board

For the everyday girl.

Is there anything better than a massive charcuterie board? That was rhetorical, we all know the answer. In my opinion every season is charcuterie season, but I really love making them during Holidays. It’s perfect for small get togethers, date nights, or huge parties. You can pretty much personalize it to whatever you need. Every year during holiday season we spend most of the big days at my moms house. If you have been following for a while, you know I’m always raving about how great of a chef she is, so since she usually has the main dish covered I’m in charge of the Charcuterie board(she still micromanages lol).

Let’s start with rule number 1, there are no rules. You guys know I’ve never been a fan of following strict recipes, I prefer the just throw and go types, so I love how this is so customizable. While there are technically no rules, I do have a few recommendations and things to think about while creating your charcuterie board to make sure it’s well rounded.

Before going shopping for the board I make a list of what I need to make sure I’m hitting all the taste profiles (sweet, salty, sour), and textures (soft, crunchy, hard). I separate my haul into categories (fruit/nuts, meat/cheese, bread/crackers, and extras) to make sure I am checking it all off.

When it comes to plating the charcuterie board I start with the largest items. I will normally place the bowls first, to get an idea of the layout my board will take. These are the easiest to place, and pretty much the only thing on the plate that can’t be cut to size. After the bowls I place the largest pieces which tend to be the focal point, for me these were the grapes and the cheese. Once I like the overall placement of the large items I start adding in the fruits. When placing the foods you really can do it however you like, and don’t worry you can keep changing and making adjustments as you go!

Now what—plate the bread/crackers and spreads! These can go wherever you like, I placed them near the items I wanted to pair with them (honey near the brie, fig spread near the goat cheese etc..). As I started placing the crackers I shifted my cheese to face downwards. It’s a personal choice, but I always like to have the cheese in a position where it can be easily cut!

When it comes to being aesthetically pleasing more is more with a charcuterie board. This is where the meat comes in for me, I place the meats in the gaps I find throughout the board to make it feel fuller. I tend to use less meat than the average on my board, but that’s the great part about charcuterie boards. Make it how YOU like it.

The fun part is when it all comes together and it’s time for the garnish. This time around I geared my charcuterie board more towards the Holidays, adding berries, pine cones, and greenery for decor. Adjust your garnish and extras based on the season and the occasion. Have fun with it!

What I used.



Triple Creme Brie

St Andre Triple Creme Brie

Herb Goat Log


Unexpected Cheddar (obsessed)

Manchego Anejo Aged 12mo

Coastal Syrah Toscano


Columbus Sliced Salami

Stockmeyer Sliced Prosciutto

Smoked Salami

Bread and Crackers.

Organic French Baguette

Italian Breadsticks with Olive Oil

Scalloped Cracker Trio (I used the rosemary ones on the board)

Pistachio Pomegranate Crisps

Raisin Rosemary Crisps

Sweet and Salty.

Honeycomb Honey

Fig Butter

Hot & Sweet Pepper Jelly


Fruit and Nuts.

Sweetened Dried Orange Slices

Dried Apricots

Montmorency Dried Cherries

Marcona Almonds with Rosemary

Honeycrisp Apple


The Extras.

Ilex Berries

Eucalyptus Bunches

Cedar Balsam Scented Pine Cones