What I Bought The Queen + Kins from the Nordstrom Sale

Many of you want to know what I got the Queen himself from the Nordstrom and I don’t blame you because dudes are hard to shop for. If you’re confused and like “who the heck is the queen?” I’m referring to my husband, Alex. Somehow one of the largest, manliest men I know got nicknamed the queen. Go figure. If you’re still lost, go watch my highlights and you’ll get it.

I tend to shop for myself throughout the year (partly because it’s an aspect of my job and also because I enjoy it ha), but typically use the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and the Half Yearly sale as the two main times I snag Alex’s clothes for the year. He’s funny when it comes to clothes and shoes. He’s not of fan of actually going to shop, but admittedly loves when I bring home pieces he feels good in. Basically, I shop for him.

For reference incase you are also shopping for your husband and need size help: Alex is 6’5 and a pretty big/built guy (don’t tell him I said so, his head is already big enough with all of you thinking he’s funny). We didn’t get photos/try-on’s of what I got him the second day, but I’ll add them to the list anyways.

For Alex.

  1. Tan Pants: He has these pants in a bunch of colors and loves them! (fit: 36/34 – these ran a little long FYI. He has them cuffed)
  2. Jeans: I had to do some major selling him on these because they were way tighter than anything he owns (he has pretty big legs), but he likes them a lot now. (fit: tts, 36)
  3. Nike Shorts: Classic, easy to throw on and perfect for everyday. (fit: Size down 1, xl)
  4. Grey Henley:
  5. Check Button-down: He loved this and it’s a great price! Under $50. (fit: tts, xxl)
  6. Light Blue Thermal: Great basic for fall and winter. If your man has a tan or blue eyes, or better yet, both haha, this is so flattering! (fit: tts, xxl)
  7. Sportswear zip up:  This is like an elevated version of athletic wear, perfect for Alex’s style.
  8. Off-White Sneakers: These were a huge hit! Chic, cool and still in his comfort zone. (fit: tts, 13)
  9. Chelsea Boots: These were one of Alex’s too splurges from the sale. They are so classic, good looking and perfect for date nights. A boot that I know he’ll have for years! (fit: tts, 13)
  10. Bomber Jacket: This was the other splurge item I grabbed him. At first he wanted me to return it based on the price tag, but tried it on and fell in love. This is a cool alternative to a blazer. Again, great for date night.

Shirt (xxl) / Pants (ran a little long, he has them cuffed) / Sneakers (13)

Henley top (xxl) /Pants (same as above) / Sneakers (tts,13)

Shirt / Jeans (these were way skinner than he’s ever worn, but we kept them and they grew on him haha) / Chelsea Boots (tts)

Long sleeve (xxl)/ Jeans / Chelsea Boots 

For Kinsley.

I also picked up a few things for Kins this year. I kept it pretty short and sweet with just a few buys! Honestly, I get most of her clothes at Target, but every year I love getting a North Face for her (she wears it 24/7 in the fall/winter), usually another jacket and a few pairs of shoes.

  1. North Face: The number one thing I always pick up for Kins is a North Face. She wears them a ton, so I like to snag it for a better price. We went with the pretty light purple this year. (fit: I ALWAYS size up on her coats, so I went with a 3T)
  2. Teddy Jacket: Just thought this was a cute jacket at a good price. (fit: I also sized up because she’s growing so fast)
  3. Mustard Top: Mustard is super in this season and I thought this shirt looked cute and comfy. I know she’ll wear it a lot with leggings in the fall!
  4. Adidas Sneakers: These are adorable and have a nice little cushion are by the heal, so I think they’ll be good on days when she has a lot of walking to do.
  5. Converse Sneakers: These are defiantly unisex and way too cute to pass up!