Amazon Finds No. 2

I’m pretty sure we’re all addicted to Amazon these days. How can you not be? You can get everything from protein powder to sneakers, to diapers, lipstick and everything in-between. The quick shipping and not having to brave an actual store is also a major plus.

I love to do these round up posts sharing all of my recent favorites in one place. Most of my finds are pretty random and required ton of review reading and testing to find the best option, so I hope these posts help some of you guys who may be looking for similar things! Or maybe even turn you on to a few things you didn’t know you needed (that should be Amazon’s tag-line lol).

I love these bags for packing quick snacks for Kins!

How cute are these?! I’ve seen some crazy expensive scrunchies lately, you can’t beat 12 scrunchies for under $10!

We’ve been taking these for a while now to boost our immune systems and I definitely think they help!