Tips For Becoming a Morning Person

I’ve always been a morning person. My mom tells stories of me waking up around 6am everyday, ready to go for the day! My brother on the other hand, required 3 alarms and a personal wake up call. Alex can also attest to this fact and totally thinks I’m crazy, but I’ve just always liked being up early to get in a full day!

When we moved into our new house a few months ago, I was having the hardest time waking up a single minute earlier than absolutely necessary. Our previous house had a crazy amount of natural light, making it super easy to rise and shine, so I think the change really made it hard. The more I let myself snooze the alarm and ditch my workout, the easier not doing those things got! Recently, over the past 3 months I’ve made it a major point to kick my booty into gear in the morning and notice a world of difference in my day! I realized that I had a whole list of things that really helped me be a morning person that I’ve picked up over the years and just wasn’t doing for a few months there. Now that I’ve started to implement them again, waking up is a synch and I’m back to my regularly scheduled programming. When I realized they were all  about being conscious and easy things, I decided to write this post in hopes it helps some of y’all do the same!

I’ve also included a quick Mirror review since I’ve had so many questions and linked up a bunch of my favorite workout wear. Nothing gets a girl up early like cute new pair of leggings, amen?!

  1. Go to sleep early – This makes all the difference in what you feel like in the morning. I try to get in bed around 9. I’ll usually watch t.v. for a bit before I fall asleep but I do try to be asleep before 10.
  2. Set your phone on “night mode”- This setting adds an orange tint to your phone screen (opposed to the bright, blue light). The bright blue light of a phone screen is notorious for waking the mind up and making it much harder to sleep. If you tend to wake up in the middle of the night it also really helps let your eyes know, it’s still night time and NOT time to wake up. I usually set mine for 10pm – 5am.
  3. Don’t snooze! – Probably the most important thing to do to change your mornings. When I do hit snooze, I end up never waking up. Once I’ve allow myself the first snooze, it’s all downhill. It’s really something you have to train yourself to do at first, but it does become routine eventually!
  4. Lay your clothes out- If you workout in the mornings, laying your clothes out the night before will help your morning run a little smoother. I put my clothes right by my vanity so I know exactly where everything is when I’m a little tired and groggy in the morning. One less thing to think about in the morning is always a win.
  5. Workout – You all know I’ve been using and loving the mirror for the past few months, you can find my review of it here.[arve url=”” /]