11 Everyday Tips For Success

Want to feel less overwhelmed with your day to day life? Striving to land a new position at work or maybe be the best student, partner or mom you can? I don’t pretend to know everything (still a major work in progress over here) but these 11 things have helped me have my most productive days yet. Many of them I’ve learned via other successful people in my life, my parents, friends etc. and I’ve compiled them into an easy, everyday list for you. Every one of these tips will take effort to implement, but they are all totally doable, completely free and the best part? You can start today.

1. Wake up early

You have just as many hours in the day as Beyonce and every majorly successful CEO. Are you using your time wisely? My tip here is to get to bed earlier.

2. Make Lists

My mom taught me the value of making lists years ago and I’ve sworn by it since. There’s something about having everything you need to accomplish listed down on paper that makes it less overwhelming. It also frees up your brain space to not have to try and remember each task. I ALWAYS make sure to physically check them off after I’ve accomplished them. This helps me stay on task, feel productive and honestly, it’s just super satisfying.

3. Delegate

Successful people delegate. If you want to grow, it’s important to not feel like you have to do everything yourself.

4. Learn say no

Learning to say no is one of the most important and freeing things you can learn. Once you give yourself the ok to say no, you can prioritize what matters most and use your time wisely. This also eliminates any regretful or anxious feelings of taking on something you don’t have the desire and/or bandwidth to do.

5. Be Open / Listen to feedback

Are you perfect? Nah, me either…far from it actually. Be willing to listen to others and grow from their feedback. This will only make you stronger and better at whatever you’re doing at the moment.

6. Keep your space clean

I struggle with this daily, honestly. Being neat doesn’t come natural to me but I have learned to really love and need it over the years.Β Clean space, clear mind.

7. Plan

As a mom, this has been key for me. If I don’t plan, I couldn’t accomplish literally anything. It’s helped to have Kinlsey on a schedule and that way for the most part (with the exception of crazy days, which of course do happen with a toddler), I know my window of opportunity. If you’re not a mom, having a plan is still very important!

8. Workout/Unwind

For me this usually comes in the form of a workout, a good Netflix show, a massages or even a hot shower. Whatever you like to do to unwind, do it. Unwinding and decompressing will help you feel refreshed and ready to get after again tomorrow.

9. Create Relationships

Relationships are key in most all fields. Create real and genuine relationships with people who are in your industry. It can be really inspiring to chat with likeminded individuals!

10. Visualize

This might sound like some hoopla but just try it. Visualize your goals, speak what you want to happen over you life. Write everything down and take a look at a later date. Whether it’s small short term goals or grander long-term goals, this works.

11. Stay in your own lane

This is a big one. Whether you’re hoping to be an influencer, successful CEO, marketing gal, sales rep, restaurant owner etc…it’s so important to stay in your own lane and find out what works for you rather than just emulate others. Think of what will set you apart, rather than trying to blend in.