Amazon Jewelry Favorites

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Confessions: I have an Amazon obsession. We get SO many things from Amazon because it’s just so freaking easy (and no, this isn’t sponsored). For years now I wanted a diamond tennis bracelet but didn’t want to spend the money on the real deal at this point. So, my Amazon jewelry love affair started with a hunt for the perfect quality/real looking tennis bracelet for a doable price point. After reading about a billion reviews, I found THE ONE. I’ve have it for quite a while now and wear it all the time. It looks VERY real and I get tons of compliments when I wear it! Since then, I’ve gotten totally out of control and found so many favorites. Everything from Cartier dupe rings, Hermes dupes, Yurman dupes, diamond bands for my right hand stack, my leopard watch band and more. I get asked about these pieces daily, so I thought it would be easiest to throw together a blog post with everything in one place!

What jewelry pieces do you guys want me to keep any eye out for on Amazon next?

I love this “diamond” ring for my right hand! It’s perfect to stack with other rings.

How fun and cute is this? I’ve seen rings just like this one for hundreds of dollars and this one is just under $20!

I LOVE this one. It looks so much like the Bauble Bar one for less.

I think we can agree that Cartier jewelry is stunning but the price is a bit crazy. This ring is an exact dupe of the cartier love ring, down to the details. The shipping on this one does take longer but it’s worth the wait in my opinion!

I love a David Yurman stack but it’s hard to build up your Yurman collection so I’ve been pairing this one with my real David Yurman bangle and it looks legit! I think the biggest difference in this dupe is the weight, it’s much lighter than David Yurman bracelets but looks completely real!

I’ve been eyeing tennis bracelets for years now and I’ve always resisted purchasing due to how expensive they are! I hadn’t found a good “fake”, but I came across this one on Amazon and had to order. I’m so glad I did because it’s AMAZING. It looks so real, you would never know the difference! I read reviews on a ton and this one was by far the best.

How pretty is this?! The Hermes bangle is another one I’ve had my eye on. It comes in 12 different color combinations and is under $20!

These are currently out of stock (y’all sold them out so fast!) but they are so good that I had to put them on the list and hope for a restock. I’ll keep my eye on these and will announce if they restock!

You guys love this when I show it on Instagram! It’s such a cute way to change up your apple watch.

The exact model I have is sold out, but this one is super similar + the same brand. A huge tip to keeping all of this jewelry looking it’s best is keeping it clean, since all of the jewelry is fake, it can start to lose shine and look dull but this cleaner works magic! I also use this on my wedding bands and they look amazing afterwards!