Styling Basics: One Dress Two Ways

Drumroll please…we’ve officially started our move! Since we’re moving within the same city, we’ve done a lot of packing up boxes (my clothes, the kitchen stuff etc.) and bringing them over in Alex’s car. We’re basically just getting a jump start on everything before the movers come to get all of our furniture and bigger items. Also, life hack: it’s much cheaper if you can pack up and move the majority of boxes and just have the movers take the big stuff. As I started to unpack and organize my closet yesterday, one thing became abundantly clear – I love basics. We kept laughing while pullings things out of a box, like “oh, what a surprise, another grey tee!”. I’m a big believer that basics are the foundation to any functional wardrobe. Give me a good basic and you’ll catch me being a major repeat outfit offender lol. I get the most mileage out of my closet staples, so I like to make sure they are quality and get creative on all the different ways I can style and wear them.

I recently found the cutest olive dress (perfect for transitioning into fall) and wanted to show you guys two ways you could style and wear it to make it look totally different!


Dress. Sunnies. Bag

Dress. Sunnies. Bag.

Dress. Tee. Bag. Sunnies. Shoes.

My look.

Similar looks.