2018 Denim Short Guide

Every year, I feel like Goldilocks with her porridge trying to find the perfect pair(s) of denim shorts – too hot, too cold, until finally…just right. I end up ordering a slew of different pairs because more often than not, they just don’t work! They’re either way too short (hello, butt cheeks), the pockets hang out of the bottom, the quality sucks, or something is just a little off. This year, I decided why not order all the cutest pairs, and do a review for you here!

My hope in creating the *2018 Denim Guide* is to help you find the perfect pair without all the work.

My sizing (hoping this will help when picking your size): 5’3 and usually a 25 right now, sometimes a 26 depending on fit.

The perfect light-wash denim with a cuff. These are high-waisted and flattering! Priced at $74, these are a great buy! I went with a size 26 in these, the 25 was a huge jump down in sizing, and I wasn’t looking for these to be too tight.

These are the priciest pair in the bunch. I wouldn’t typically go for shorts at this price point, but I snagged these on sale and I gotta say…they are *so soft.* If you have the budget, they are worth every penny. Literally, they are the most buttery and yummy denim! They are also a longer style cut-off (plenty long in the back), which is hard to find. I found them on sale here, but they’re missing a few sizes. They are in stock in all sizes here and may price match – worth a shot!

The most affordable pair, currently on sale for under $30 (YES, you read that right!), these beauties are amazing quality for the price! I tried a few on by this brand and this cut was by far my favorite. They are super comfortable and the denim feels really high-quality. I went with a 2 in these.

These are exactly what I think of when I think of the perfect pair of high-rise denim. They look perfectly distressed, the light-wash is on point and they fit like a glove. They are sexy without showing too much, if that makes sense? They ever-so-slightly flare at the leg, which helps slim the thigh. They are just a total dream. I got a size 25 in these.

They’re currently on sale with code *EVENT18*, but they’re selling out fast, so grab them up if you have your eye on them!

That’s it, friends! My 4 absolute must-have shorts for spring and summer. I really wanted to include something at every price point, so I hope you can find one (or 4 if you’re like me lol), that fit what you’re looking for!

Should I do more guides? If so, what you do want to see next? White denim?