Kinsley at 6 Months

Kinsley is officially 6 months old (well, 6 and a half) and things are getting more fun by the day. Where do I even start? She is feeling less like a baby and more like a mini person these days! If you follow me on Instagram stories, you know she is FULL of personality. Always smiling, laughing, trying to chat, and constantly on the move. Her newest move? Attempting to crawl, and you guys, she is so close! She is typically an amazing napper (I seriously can’t complain here), but today she spent the vast majority of her “nap” time trying to crawl, coo, and I’m pretty sure start her own business, instead of sleeping. Seriously, the girl just has better things to do than nap this week I guess!

She officially has two bottom teeth. I can’t help but grin ear to ear every time I see them peek out of her little mouth when she smiles. She’s growing like a weed, and I’m totally convinced that she will outgrow me by middle school. She definitely inherited her Dad’s long legs!

We started her new schedule at 6 months, so we have been on it for about two weeks so far and it’s been going GREAT (minus today’s regression). Personally, I love the new schedule because she’s awake longer and napping longer, so I get to spend time with her and then actually feel like I can get things done during her naps.

Rachel from the Cradle Coach made her new schedule – if you missed my ‘Kinsley at 4 Months’ post all about how amazing the girls at Cradle Coach are, you can check it out here (and see our detailed 4 month schedule). I honestly can’t say enough good things about Rachel, and recommend her to my girlfriends daily! If you’re the mom of a little and need sleep training help, they were sweet enough to give my readers a discount code *CourtneyShields10*.


We now feed her every 4 hours, instead of every 3.

7:00: We start our day! Sometimes I go in to wake her up, sometimes she’s already awake. I feed her breast milk and then we head downstairs to play.

8:00:  She eats solids. We usually switch this up, sometimes a fruit (all pureed), sometimes some kind of oatmeal etc. One of her current favorite breakfast combos is a mix of pear/cinnamon/oatmeal.

8:30-10:30: She goes down for her nap. Most days she will sleep the full two hours, but sometimes she’ll wake up a little early and, if so, that’s ok. I play with her until it’s time eat again.

11:00: Breast milk.

12:00: Solids again! I usually go for some kind of veggies for “lunch,” but I also change it up daily.

12:30-2:30: Her second nap of the day. Again, most days she naps the full time but if she wakes up a little early, that’s ok too.

3:00: Breast milk and then we play!

4:00-5:00: This is classified as her “catnap.” It usually takes her a little longer to fall asleep for this one, and Rachel tells me that we will drop it around 7-9 months (whenever Kinsley starts showing signs that she doesn’t need it anymore).

5:00: She wakes up and eats solids for the last time of the day! After she eats, I usually take her outside on a walk. I love getting my BBG cardio in here. It’s also a great time to get out and get some fresh air! Especially on days when I’m working at my computer all day.

6:00: Bath time, feed + books. This is still the same as it was at 4 months, and still one of our favorite times of the day. We start with a bath (Alex and I typically do this together, unless he isn’t home yet). Kinsley LOVES her baths, so it’s always fun watching her smile and relax. After her bath, I feed her for the night. I breastfeed and then top her off with about 3 ounces that I pumped from the previous night (around 10pm) to help her sleep longer through the night. After I feed and burp her, we finish off our day with books! She has tons of favorites that I’ll include below.

7:00: Bed time for the night.

1-3am: She still usually wakes up 1 time during the night, between 1:30am and 3:00am. I feed her, change her, and put her back down for the rest of the night. I try to make sure I don’t really talk to her much, and keep her in a sleepy/relaxed state (I feed her in her room for this one). She has gone a few nights where she doesn’t wake up, so I’m thinking soon she will sleep through the night. As of now, I can tell that she’s actually hungry when she wakes up, so I don’t mind getting up to feed her! Plus, I’m not gonna lie…I always miss her when she’s sleeping!

7:oo: Wake up and do it all over again!

Dairy Update?

I’ve heard most babies outgrow their dairy intolerance around 6 months. So, this week I decided to be brave and try a little bit of cheese on my salad (two days in a row) and…so far, so good! I haven’t tried soy yet, so wish me luck on that! I’ll keep you guys posted, since I know there are a lot of you in the same boat.

Kins Loves

  1. These books! We have 4 of them and they are some of our favorites. The stories are adorable (always a good message) and the illustrations are so cute. They have a ton of different ones, we have 4 so far, and will definitely keep adding to our collection. Our two all-time favorites are “Lola the Lollipop Fairy” and “Izzy the Ice-cream Fairy”.
  2. This teething banana – I ordered this off Amazon on a whim, and she is totally obsessed. It’s easy for her to hold and must feel great on her teeth. I ordered it in a bundle with this octopus teether that she also really loves!
  3. Her baby walker – This thing is so stinking cute! She loves all the toys on the front and it’s a great option to have when she doesn’t want to be on her mat.
  4. We are a Pampers’ family! We have been using them since she was born, but they recently sent the new Pampers Pure Diapers and Water Wipes for us to try, and I have been loving them.  They will definitely be what we order going forward.
  5. Play mat – Now that she’s scooting in circles, back and forth, and kind of all over the place, I love having a big play mat down. I actually got the 6×8 size and only have half of it out downstairs, but I’m sure I will be bringing the full mat out very soon. I get daily questions about our exact mat, it’s this brand I saw on Shark Tank and ours is the color “dusk”.
  6. Spoons – This is kind of a random thing to be obsessed with, but we LOVE these spoons! They are really thick, easy for her to eat out of and I feel like when I use them to get the extra food off from around her mouth, they are soft on her skin.