10 Holy Grail Makeup Brushes

I’ve spent way more money than I’d like to admit testing (some were total fails) makeup brushes. I started my collection a few years ago, and quickly realized that not all brushes are created equal.Β I used to wonder if brushes really made a difference, and I am here to tell you that they do! I’ve narrowed the list to just the best of the best that I find myself reaching for on the daily, the real MVPs that I think are totally worth investing in. Also, I just want to say that while some of these are pricey, they will last you YEARS. If you’re a babe on a budget, think of these as a collection. Start with one and add when you can!


Ahhh the Tom Ford bronzer brush. This beauty is pricey, but worth every penny. It blends bronzer unlike any brush I’ve ever used. No patchiness etc. A few days ago, this brush was downstairs so I reached for my old favorite, and I could tell a HUGE difference in application.


I find myself reaching for this brush more and more lately because it’s just so easy! I like to apply my under eye corrector (post coming soon!) with the smaller end and my CC creams with the larger one.


This brush is super soft and pretty dense so it picks up blush pigment really well – and applies it beautifully!


I bought my first Bobbi Brown brush in high school, and IΒ still have it (I’m 30 if you’re new around here), so I can totally attest to how long these brushes last. Out of all of the Bobbi brushes I have, this one is probably my favorite. It applies just the right amount of powder without caking it on.


This little baby is a really unique and has recently become a favorite of mine. It’s a good multitasker that you can use a bunch of different ways! Since the bristles are so long, it applies product really lightly. I love using this on products that are really pigmented – bronzers and blushes that tend to go on heavy!


The perfect contour brush! It’s small enough to fit right under your cheek bones and sculpt, and the angled edge helps it blend everything out like a dream.


If you don’t own a beauty blender, stop everything you’re doing, order one NOW, and thank me later. It’s gotten to the point where I literally can’t do my makeup without this beauty! I use it to apply: my foundation (sometimes I use the aforementioned brush), my concealer, the powder under my eyes, and any kind of cream contouring or blush. I use it damp – put it under the sink, get it wet and then squeeze it out in a hand towel. Since it has no edges, it blends creams and liquids seamlessly. Basically, it’s a total must!


This is by far my most used eye shadow brush. I like to keep things pretty simple as far as eye shadow goes and this brush always comes through for me. It buffs out crease colors really well, and gives a really blended and natural look!


If I’m going for something a bit smokier, I’ll reach for this brush. Think of it as the little brother to #8. Perfect for blending and buffing, but smaller and with shorter bristles, great for packing on pigment.


The best brush to pack pigment onto the lid. I also love using it to highlight under the brow-bone and inner corner of my eyes!

Honorary #11 is definitely the Sigma Flat Top Kabuki Brush! If you are a brush girl (rather than beauty blender), this brush applies foundation like a champ! If you are in the market for a brush set and don’t want to spend a lot, Sigma is the place to go. You can use code COURTNEY10 for a discount!

If you’re looking to start a brush collection, I hope this helps narrow things down for you! What are you favorite, can’t live without brushes?