Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Man Will Love (Under $150)

Hey BYOB fam, Alex here! I am super pumped that you all wanted me to come back and do another men’s gift post!  It becomes easy to default into the same Hallmark routine of flowers, dinner, movie, repeat so Court and I thought it would be cool to come up with of a handful of creative things for your man this year to help say “I Love You!”. Hopefully these will help you keep things fresh and you all can have a great Valentine’s Day!

So if you have been keeping up with Courtney and I for a while, you know we are fans of  “no phone zone”.  This means that we take time to put all of our electronics away and just spend time with one another.  I have seen a few different types of timed lock boxes, but I though this one was definitely the most romantic. It comes with a lock and key and even has a cutout so you can string a charger through the back.  I believe they take a little while to make (2-3 days) so ORDER ASAP so you get it on time!

If you all are planning on cooking with one another, what about his and her aprons?  Courtney and I tend to divide and conquer a lot of our meals and we thought this could be a way to make cooking together fun and generally is a low cost way to bring a little flare into spending time with one another!

“But Alex, what are we supposed to do if we are in an electronic free zone?”

Answer: Klask

I stumbled upon this amazing 2 person game a month or so ago when my parents were coming in town.  My family tends to love games so I went to the store and bought a ton, however none were even close to as fun as Klask.  There were always people waiting to play and it was definitely the hit of the weekend.


Every guy needs a solid wallet.  I know after time, my wallets tend to get stretched out due to packing with random gift cards and business cards so I am in constant need of a fresh one.  The thing that you need to do is determine if your guy is a trifold or bifold wallet kind of guy.  I traditionally have been a trifold guy because they tend to be thicker and harder to fall out of my athletic shorts pockets, but I think I’m ready to make the jump to a bifold. I think they just look a little cleaner. This camo one is a fun twist and I LOVE this brand!

Extra: Tuck a gift card in there for added bonus points!

Okay so I have always been a fan of Tom’s Shoes.  I even bought all my groomsmen different types of Toms and funky socks so they didn’t have to be in their dress shoes all night.  I realized when I was thinking of things for this post that I really need some new ones.  They are for a good cause (if you’re unfamiliar, they donate a pair of shoes for every one they sell), pretty low cost, and look really good.  Toms have such a special place for me too when I am on a beach vacation and need a pair of shoes that are closed toed, easy to pack, and don’t mind getting some sand in them.  Can’t go wrong with these.

These will change your man’s life.  Bombas has done two years of research to create the perfect sock and I must say…mission accomplished.  I received 6 different pair of these for Christmas from my mom (she finds the best stuff!) and I am bummed when I look in my sock bin and there are no more.  They are seriously the first socks I reach for.  I do not have the dress socks, but the athletic socks are unreal.  Lastly, they have the same business model as Tom’s where they will donate 1 pair for every pair they sell.

Courtney bought this pullover from True Grit for both her brother and me for Christmas.  The material is super soft and it is  surprisingly warm so it has come in handy these past few weeks.  It is really unique and may not be an all the time wear, but it’ll definitely be just right for a lot of occasions! I highly recommend!