Hydrating + Glowly Skincare Routine

Happy Monday friends! This is me. No makeup, no edits, no filters, just me and my bare skin! I really wanted to make sure that these images were totally raw and real, so that you could really see exactly what my skin looks like au natural. I’m big on loving the skin you’re in and investing in the best skincare products over the years has really helped me feel confident going completely makeup free.

I made the decision to really start investing in my skin in my early twenties and I can honestly say, it’s been the absolute best decision. After countless DM’s and emails with skincare questions, I thought it would be fun to share an update on my current routine! This routine has really been working for me lately, my skin feels healthy and hydrated (which it totally needs these days).

// My Morning Routine //

I start off by washing my face with my favorite face wash of all time. I’ve been using it day and night for a little over 2 years now and totally swear by it!

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I am full on obsessed with the vitamin C. I started using this after the lady who did my facial recommended it a few months ago and have noticed such a difference in my skin ever since. It’s totally brightened up my skin and helped it looks so fresh and even. This product is a total GAME CHANGER.

After the vitamin C, I apply my favorite face oil. It adds extra hydration underneath my moisturizer, lays beautiful under makeup and gives my skin the most beautiful ‘glow from within’ look. It’s definitely a splurge, but worth every penny in my opinion! I just finished my first bottle and immediately repurchased, which says a lot.

Lastly, I apply my eye cream. I’ve been going in-between a few different ones lately, really looking for the one. I love this one because it hydrates and adds a little pearlized luminosity that helps my dark circles a bit.


BYOB Tip – Use your ring finger and gently press the eye cream in for the best and most gentle application.

I also always make sure I am wearing some kind of SPF (! Usually I wear this CC cream that has SPF 50, but on days when I don’t or when I want a little extra sun protection, I use this spray to set my makeup.

// My Night Routine //

I’ve been keeping things pretty simple and doing almost the exact same thing at night with the exception of a few things! I take my makeup off with Ponds Cold Cream – I have been doing this since I started wearing makeup. Funny enough, this is the one thing that Leah does and swears by for her skin. If you’re new to following me, Leah is my 91 year old grandma who literally looks 20 years younger. Her skin is amazing, so if she swears by it, I’m in!! We use the light sea-foam green one. Whenever I mention this, I get a ton of questions about how to use it. I rub it in, removing all my makeup (eyes included) and then, use a washcloth or tissues to wipe everything away. Once I’ve wiped it all away, I wash my face with the Tula face wash!

I only use the vitamin C during the day, so leave that step out of your night routine and the only other thing I’ve been doing differently at night has been using this facial massager (more on this in another post).

It’s completely sold out at Nordstrom, but I found it in stock here.

Ahhh, if you read my 2017 favorites post from last week or follow me on IG stories, then you have probably heard me rave over this product. It’s my new secret weapon when it comes to zapping any Fred or Ted (aka breakouts) that try to come hang. You put it on the spot before you go to bed and I swear, by morning there is a huge difference! Total must-have product.

This isn’t in my day and night routines per say, because I just use it when needed, but I did want to mention it.

These are GOLD. They basically act as a quick, mini facial in a pad (per the name). They’re great for party prep – I usually use them an hour or so before I apply my makeup. Keeping with the staying ready theme, you can use them 3-4 times a week for best practice.

use code: COURTNEY for 15% off your order (does not apply to items on autoship)

What are your favorite skincare products? I always love trying new ones and finding the best of the best!