As Alex and I were cleaning, purging, and nesting yesterday, I started to think about all of the (exciting) changes that will be taking place in the next two months as we welcome our sweet baby girl into the world. I started to think of all of the things that would be different soon, and it hit me that I’d be nursing this fall! I’ve of course thought about it many times but yesterday, it really started to sink in. Then, I got to thinking about what our life changes are going to mean for my wardrobe and one thing came to mind: I need to stock up on comfy around the house wear – fast.

I’ve always been a fan of comfort and tend to gravitate towards mostly cozy pieces, but when it comes to at-home lounge-wear, I usually throw on one of Alex’s t-shirts and call it a day. While I love a good t-shirt, I realized it was time to step my game up.

The criteria? Comfy, easy, and, when possible, nursing friendly.

I found some perfect pieces (some of which are on sale!) and thought it would be fun to share.

I couldn’t love this sleep shirt more. I got it in two colors (black and grey) and ended up sizing up to a Medium because I wanted it to be long enough to wear as a dress and it’s perfect. Also, not going to lie…I totally planning wear this out of the house too. I also love that it unbuttons at the top and is perfect for nursing.

A cozy pair (or five) of joggers is always a good idea.

These are so soft and on sale at the moment.

I love lounging in a good robe! This one comes in a few colors and it really affordable.

This is chic sleep shirt goals! I love the sleeve length and how it buttons up all the way. It also comes in a really pretty light grey. This is another one that I totally feel like could be worn out of the house. BRB, adding to cart!

A great comfy tee is a total must for lounging around.