Baby Wish-list

I can hardly believe baby Albright (our last name) will be here in 8 weeks. Alex put her sleeper together last week and we set it up in the corner of our room a few days ago. I love looking over at it as I’m getting into bed, just imagining that before we know it she’ll be here! It’s still pretty surreal to think about, but last night I had a major moment and things are starting to feel more real. With my excitement (and back pain lol!) building daily, I thought it would be fun to share just a few things on our wish-list. Some of these are things that we already have purchased and can’t wait to try out and some are things I’ve registered for, that I’ve heard great things about!

It’s no surprise that my most used bags of the year have been diaper bags! It’s actually crazy when I leave the house without Kinsley and don’t have her or my diaper bag, I feel totally naked! A crossbody purse? What do I even do with that anymore lol #momlife.

This one is my favorite for when I want something chic that looks more like a backpack and less like a diaper bag.  This one  (shop here) by Ju-ju-be is my other favorite for when I want more pockets etc.

I started my search for the perfect stroller about 15 weeks into my pregnancy, because I knew it was going to be something that I’d have to put a little research into. So, I googled and ended up asking one of my best friends what she recommended and with total certainty, she said the UPPAbaby Vista. I visited her a few months ago and got to take this baby for a spin and have been excited ever since! It JUST arrived and is currently sitting in our entryway in a giant box. Come to mama! 🙂

As far as sleepers go, we decided to go with the SNOO. It is on the pricier side, but I have heard SO many rave reviews, that we just had to give it a try! It seems pretty amazing – it swaddles the baby (no fear of them rolling over, which I LOVE) and rocks them depending on their cry. I also love how sleek it is. Basically, I’ve heard it’s a total miracle worker, so I’ll keep you guys posted on how it works for us!

Whenever I ask my mom friends if there are any must-have products I should register for, they almost always say a dock-a-tot, so I can’t wait to try this when she gets here!

Spoiler alert! This is the crib we picked for her room and I love it so much. It’s classic and timeless, which is exactly what we wanted. I also feel like it’s a steal for a crib!

Oneee more sneak peek – this is the rocker we got for the nursery and I am obsessed! It’s so comfortable, even for Alex (who’s 6’5), so it’s hubby approved too, which is always good.

Once baby girl gets here and we have had a chance to really use and test these products out, I will definitely update you guys with my thoughts and reviews!

All my mommas out there, what are you must-have products?