My Updated Haircare Routine + Tips for Healthy Hair

If you know me, you know I love hair. Specifically, healthy hair! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: a good hair day and the right lipstick can make a girl feel like she’s on top of the world! Am I right?

It’s been almost a year since I last shared my haircare routine and since you guys have been asking, I thought it would be the perfect time for an update. I really wanted to dive into what products I use, why I love them, and other tips I have for developing healthy, strong hair. So, grab your favorite beverage and/or snack because this is going to be a long one, babes!


TIP 1 // Beat the heat

It’s no secret that heat damages hair, so I do everything I can to prevent heat damage as much as possible. A few things that I like to do are…

  1. Let my hair air dry! I do this as much as possible. Even if I plan on curling my hair, I’ll try to let it air dry.  For example, I usually wash my hair the night before so that my hair has ample time to dry.  This saves my hair from the back to back heat of both a hair dryer and a curling wand. Of course, this isn’t always an option. Sometimes I need to do both, but I try and avoid it when I can.
  2. Have total ‘no heat’ days. I’m a big fan of air dry and go! For these days, I try to get the majority of the wetness out of my hair with a towel, apply products (which I share below), and go. It totally saves time and is great for your hair. If you’re someone who doesn’t like how your hair air-dries, try throwing it in a bun or braid to make it more manageable.
  3. Apply a heat protectant. This one is my favorite, I’ll share more later in the post!

Tip 2 // Beware of the hair tie

Hair ties can pull and break your hair, so unless I’m working out (in which case I typically use a traditional hair tie) I try to use options that will cause the least amount of damage on my hair.

I love these and these and these.

Tip 3 // The right products!

The right products are key when it comes to healthy hair.




As of late, I try to go at least 3 days between washes. It’s way better for the health of your hair and saves time, making it a major win, win! On that last not-so-cute day, I recommend adding a dry shampoo, throwing your hair up in a top-knot, or whipping up an easy braid. Trust me, your hair will thank you later!


Let me start off by saying that until about two years ago, I didn’t really understand the importance of a good shampoo and conditioner. I thought that I could buy whichever (preferably something that smelled good ;)) and it didn’t really matter. Well, I was wrong! Since then, I’ve learned how essential an amazing shampoo and conditioner really are to any great haircare routine.

A few months ago, I fell in love with a new shampoo and conditioner and have been ride or die for them ever since! They can’t be purchased in a store, only via someone who sells it, so I didn’t really want to share and leave you guys high and dry. I spoke with my amazing hair dresser and she gave me a link to share with those of y’all who are interested. The line has a lot of amazing products for different hair types/concerns, but I personally use the Monat “Revive Shampoo” and the “Replenish Mask“.  This line is designed to promote hair health and growth.  It also uses a ton of amazing ingredients! Tip: A little bit of the mask goes a long way.


First things first, as I mentioned above, after I shower I try to get as much water out of my hair as possible with a towel. Then, I apply three products to my hair. One to detangle, one to protect from the heat and one to add a little moisture and shine.

  1. I start with this detangling spray. It is hands down my favorite! I’ve used it for YEARS and never found anything that even comes close to it. I spray it from the roots to the ends of my hair and then brush it through. It makes the biggest difference when it comes to getting out tangles! After a few sprays, my hair is so easy to brush through.
  2. Once my hair is all brushed out, I apply this heat protectant. I absolutely love this one! I feel like it really protects my hair and I love that it’s in a cream form, so I can apply it when it’s wet and be done with it.
  3. Lastly, I spray a bit of this coconut water spray in my hair – mostly at the ends! It’s super lightweight (i.e. doesn’t weigh my hair down) but still adds some hydration and shine.


What kind of extensions do I have? 

I got my extensions done professionally! They’re tape-ins and I love them. I basically took in a photo of my hair (before I cut it) and asked her to recreate the look! I’m excited for my hair to grow out, but in the meantime, I’m loving them. That is really all of the information I have on them, but hopefully that helps.

What do I use to curl my hair?

Usually, I use the T3 wand! I will be doing an update on how I curl my long hair soon. I find that it smoothes my hair and the curls last for days! Totally worth the price tag in my opinion. It also comes with three different attachments, so when you break it down that way, it’s not so bad!

Favorite blow dryer?

I have been using this one for years and swear by it! I think a great blow drier makes the biggest difference.

Favorite wave spray?

I have tried so many wave sprays and this one is hands down my favorite. I love it because it gives my hair that beachy, lived in look but doesn’t get crunchy and smells amazing!

I think I covered everything! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments and I’d be happy to answer!