17 Week Bumpdate

Happy Thursday, beauties! I can’t believe I’m 17 weeks today — which means, 3 weeks until we find out if BYOBaby is a boy or girl. Everyone keeps asking me what my instinct is and while I’m usually spot on with instincts, I just can’t decide! I think everyone else predictions have clouded my mind, but I love hearing them so I don’t mind :).

I’ve called the doctor about 45 times this week — Can I get a manicure pregnant? Is this skincare okay to use? Can I have whey protein? I mean, you name it, I’ve asked it. Oh and just to confirm my suspicions, the nurses totally do know me now. If you read my announcement post, I joke how they probably know my full name and birthday by now and when I called a few days go the nurse said (and I quote), “Oh! I’ve talk to you before!”. Yup.

Now that I’m a few weeks into my second trimester, I thought it would be fun to share what I’ve been using to help prevent stretch marks. I’ve been using three products that one of my girlfriends swears by. Sometimes I use them all together and other times, I’ll just grab for one or two. I start with two different oils – first, I use “Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil” and then I use some “Colonial Dames Vitamin E Oil” and finish it off with “The Honest Companies Organic Healing Balm“. I like to apply it all over my bump as well as around my hips and chest too.

How far along: 15 weeks and 6 days. I’ll be 16 weeks tomorrow!

How big is baby: BYOBaby is the size of a pomegranate this week (5.12 inches and 5.90 ounces). I definitely feel like I’m showing now! It’s not as noticeable in looser clothes, which I tend to go for a lot but when I’m wearing anything tight – we are officially bumping! A baby bump, but still.

Maternity clothes: Still just jeans and shorts. I have been ordering all regular clothes but go up a size! We’ll see how long this theory can last 🙂

Sleep: I’ve been tossing and turning a bit! Sleep tends to teach each night

Miss Anything: Pants, haha. None of them fit (except my maternity ones), so I find myself reaching for mostly dresses these days!

Movement: Same as last week, a few little flutters but thats all right now.

Cravings: This may shock you guys, but I think I may be over my Chipotle craving! I favored it (had it delivered) and they forgot to add lettuce and for some reason without the lettuce is kind of grossed me out! Pregnancy is crazy like that. I’ve been eating really frequently, but can’t eat as much in one sitting as I usually can.

How I’m feeling: I’m feeling good! I’ve had some backaches and headaches this week, but aside from that I’m feeling good.

I can’t wait to find out of BYOBaby is boy or girl and start the nursery! I’m basically bursting at the seams. Do any mommas out there have any second trimester must-haves?