Some of the very first memories I have as a kid, are at my parent’s house around the holidays. The excitement and magic of Christmas swirls in my mind like it was yesterday.

One of my favorite things has always been picking out the perfect tree. Growing up, we got the biggest trees we could find. The perfect tree can be well…let’s just say, rather challenging to find! Ha. My Mom is a bit of a tree diva and likes a specific type of tree (a Noble Fur to be exact) because of their ability to hold ornaments and the amount of space between branches. Yup!

Once we’ve found the tree, it’s time for the magic to begin.

We have this joke in our family about ‘bringing out Christmas’. Every year, ‘bringing out Christmas’ happens the day after Thanksgiving and consists of hauling (what feels like) 9 million boxes of decorations out of storage and into their assigned rooms. My Mom has every box labeled with it’s location, ie. “living room”, “kitchen” etc. to keep things organized. I told you, she’s goals! Every year we joke that we dread ‘bringing out Christmas’, because it takes about an hour, usually involves gloves, potentially breaking a sweat and at least one stubbed toe. But, honestly, it’s one of my favorite things, because it’s the start of the season.

My Mom is in charge of decking the inside of the house, and my Dad is always in charge of the outside. I have vivid memories of helping my Mom carefully unwrap each ornaments and handing them up to her as she braves the ladder. She’s scared of heights, but always conquers her fear for the holidays! My Dad climbing the roof to line it perfectly with white twinkles. I always try and go out to see if he needs water, check out the sweet garland job and admire the beautifully lit bushes. He nails it every time. Now if only my brother could hurry up and get home, we’d be in business!

There is truly no place like home for the holidays.

Alex and I bought our house a little over a year ago and although we decorated last year, we had only been in Home Sweet Beauty for about two months and I still felt like we were settling in. This year, we went all out. We even added a tree to our bedroom. I love falling asleep the warm glow. I went with a white Christmas theme adding tons of golds, silvers, rose golds and pinks to give it a ‘Courtney twist’. I love the idea of making the holidays your own! Use colors you love and things that you’ll love coming home to.

Today, I thought it would be fun to share our decorations this year. I hope it inspires you to start doing a little decking of your own! I’ve linked a few things we used this year as well as a few other holiday must-haves below.