The Perfect Hue

Happy November, beauties! The weather has finally decided to cool off here in Austin and I’m one happy girl. I’m currently cozied up on our couch with a vanilla chai, writing today’s post about one of y’alls most requested topics – haircare.

I recently shared a tutorial on one of the ways I like to curl my hair here (more to come on this), but have yet to share how I maintain my color! I am a firm believer in finding a colorist you love and having her (or him) work their magic on your hair – but then what? After you achieve your perfect color, it’s so important to use quality products that not only protect your hair but also preserve it.

Fun fact, before Alex and I got married almost two and a half years ago, I had never colored my hair. Crazy, right? Now, I’ve gone to the light side and while I absolutely love having lighter hair, it does take some maintenance.

When it comes to going lighter, there are a ton of factors that go into what color your hair pulls (by ‘pulls’ I mean what color/tone it lightens up to): ethnicity, texture, starting point, formula, etc. Luckily, my hair does lighten easily (due to a mix of the above factors), but like any darker hair, if it’s not maintained can start to get a little ‘warmer’ than I like.

The secret to combating any unwanted brassy tones and keeping your locks the perfect hue of blonde? Purple Shampoo and Conditioner. A good purple shampoo and conditioner have been absolutely essential to my routine and while I think it’s a MUST for brunettes, it’s important for anyone who has colored blonde hair and wants to keep the brassy tones away (including those of you with naturally lighter hair!).

My favorite is the “Cool Blonde” shampoo and conditioner by dpHUE! I’ve tried a ton of purple shampoos and most of them either don’t lather (which is a personal pet-peeve on mine, ha) or leave my hair feeling striped of all hydration. This one lathers, hydrates and takes the edge off of the warm tones in my hair, making it my current favorite! Not to mention, that the conditioner smells amazing, haha.

I like to use it as needed, which is usually about once a week but this can vary depending on your hair and desired outcome. Trust me when I say, a good purple shampoo is a lifesaver!!

What are you favorite hair products?

Thank you to dpHUE for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.