Growing up, I always admired my Mom (and still do of course) for so many reasons. She is basically super woman, and always seems to be prepared which, well…is one of the many things that I’m still working on! Something that always impressed me, was that she had a stash of gifts ready to go for any occasion. A reserve of cute little presents that she or I could pull out when we needed something last minute! Candles, beautiful note cards, lotions, a pair of earrings etc. You’d be surprised just how many times this stash came in handy – birthdays, hostess gifts, housewarming presents, or just a little thank you. These Philosophy bath gels always made the list and were a personal favorite of mine.

When Alex and I purchased our new home last October (#adulting), I made it my mission to start my own gift stash. These bath babes were one of the first things I added to my gift reserve.

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you want yourself! Am I right?! Which leads me to my next favorite way to use them – to treat yo’ self! I love the idea of turning these into a spa package, for yourself.

The older I get, the more I notice myself valuing my “me time”. It can be something as simple as a workout or a mani pedi, but one of my all-time favorite things to do is turn our bathroom into my own little spa. I love closing the door, lighting a candle and unwinding with my favorite bath products. It just feels so luxurious and relaxing. These Philosophy products top the list of favorites! The smells are so rich and intoxicating that they always have me stretching the hot water to the very last second.

Right now, QVC is featuring these gems as their deal of the day. You can find all of the swoon worthy pricing, here. They’re offering the set of classic scents, that I’m featuring in this post, or the summer scents which I plan on stocking up on today. The Vanilla Coconut is really calling my name.

Btw, where have I been all this time?! The more I look around on QVC’s website, the more great deals I see haha! I might be the only one living under a rock on this one, but if you haven’t checked it out, they have some great beauty finds with a lot of brands that I already love.

This post is in collaboration with QVC. All opinions are of course, my own!