Prime time


Ok, this primer is the BOMB. I have been on the hunt for a good primer for a very long time now. I’ve tried a lot of different primers and all and all they usually don’t do a whole lot for me. I love the idea of what they are supposed to do, but for the most part II’ve always been kinda disappointed. Until now. I am excited to say that finally, after much searching, I have found a great primer(s). Laura Mericer Radiance  and Laura Mericer Radiance Bronze. They are both ah-mazing! The radiance bronze is brand new, just recently came out and I just got it at Sephora about 2 weeks ago. The only difference between the two is that the Bronze one has a bronze tint to it and the regular one is a beautiful light pearl color. I was tempted to post about it the day I got these, but I like to live with products, give them a few days or weeks and then report back, because at that point I know how I feel. I couldn’t love it more, and here’s why…

Here’s the breakdown

  1. Laura Mericer Radiance – has a beautiful light golden {with a tiny hint of peach} tint. Laura Mericer Radiance Bronze – has a sheer bronze tint that looks a dark at first, but blends out beautifully.
  2. Both the radiance and the radiance bronze have a gorgeous glow to them. They make you look like your glowing without being shimmery {hard to find quality}.
  3. Makes my foundation last and look great all day.
  4. The water based formula keeps it feeling really light on the skin, unlike most primers that tend to feel heavy.
  5. The golden pearl tint gives the skin a nice soft focus look.
  6. A little bit goes a long way – You don’t need much of this stuff. Which also mean that you get a lot of bang for you buck.
  7. You can put this primer on first and then put on you foundation, or you can mix it in with your foundation for a gorgeous glow and some great staying power.

The Laura Mericer Radiance Bronze, does have a tine but it is not only olive or tan skin, this will also do a great job of warming up fair skin. However, if you are super fair I would probably opt for the regular radiance one. The regular radiance one is great because it really brights the skin and gives such a healthy glow from within look. They are both so gorgeous, you can’t go wrong.

Oh and good news…If you order the radiance bronze from nordstrom, you get free shipping 🙂

Swatches of both




I’ve always been wanting to try the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, so I’ll keep you posted on that! Do you have a favorite primer that I need to try?

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