Tips for having + maintaining healthy hair


My hair is probably the thing I get asked the most questions about, so I figured it was time to talk hair in a post. I just got it trimmed a few days ago and it feels so great! Isn’t freshly cut hair the best?! I always make keeping my hair healthy a high priority, because no matter what length it is, split ends are never a good look! Here are a few simple and easy tips and things to do to help keep your locks up to par. 

Trim it

Rule # 1 –  If you hair is already heathy and you are just looking for tips for keeping it that way, feel free to skip this step and read on! But, if your hair isn’t healthy,  go get it trimmed! A hair cut is not a homework assignment, don’t avoid it. If you wait till you have too many split ends, then you are going to have to get a lot more cut off then you want. If you aren’t willing to get a cut or trim,  you’re gonna be fighting an uphill battle. Ideally, you want to start with healthy hair and then work to maintain it!

Less is more

The less styling, curling, dying etc. you do to your hair, the healthier it will be! This might seem obvious, but knowing it and doing it are two very different things.

Go Au Naturale

Let your hair breathe and just wear it natural some days! This is my natural hair, wavy, and I try to wear it like this most of the time. In the summer it’s a lot easier because it’s not cold outside and it dries much faster, and doesn’t freeze. Yes, this has happened to me before! Freshman year of college…rookie mistake, I know, but I grew up in Texas so don’t judge! If you live in a cold climate, try showering before bed rather than in the morning so you don’t have to leave the house with wet hair, or go natural on the weekends when it your hair has more time to air dry. If you aren’t comfortable wearing it down when it’s natural, don’t worry, keep reading :).

DSC06558 DSC06559

Style it without heat

Let’s be realistic, of course you are going to style your hair, but take days off from styling it with heat. On these days off, if you aren’t comfortable wearing your hair down, opt for something like a sleek pony, bun or a braid. Still put together, but without the heat!



Ditch the elastics

Ok, this is underrated! You probably don’t realize how many little strands of hair you break when you pull the rubber band out. Instead of a rubber band, sub a clip or one of those thick colorful ties…what in the world are those called? I donno, but you know what I’m talking about! They are everywhere! Using something a little less harsh than a rubber band, will help eliminate breakage.


Use a heat protectant

Lastly, when you do dry, curl or straighten your hair, try to use a serum or something that will help protect your hair from the harsh heat!

DSC06635 copy


That’s it for now friends.  Hope these tips helps you get and keep your hair healthy! If you want to see a tutorial for this makeup look, let me know in the comment below. Do you guys have any tricks for keeping your hair healthy? Any favorite heat protectants?