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Happy Valentines friends! While we are on the topic of love – roughly 3 months until Alex and I tie the knot! The closer it gets, the faster time goes, and… I can’t wait! Let the countdown begin. Ok, back to Valentines. Instead of going out this year, we decided to stay in and cook for each other. I chose what I wanted him to cook and he choice what he wanted me to cook. For breakfast I’ll be making Nutella French Toast (deliciousness) and for dinner I requested surf and turf, we picked lobster risotto and filet…yes please! Good thing we are hitting the gym for our 8:30 workout, because it is going to be a treat filled day!

As we all know, traditionally Feb. 14th is all about love, in a romantic way. However, if you aren’t in a relationship you can still enjoy the day! For all my single ladies out there, you can say screw you to tradition this year. Pre-Alex, I flew to spend Valentines with friends one year, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spend Valentines with my parents. The kitchen goddess (aka my mom, as you know if you saw the chocolate covered strawberries post) cooked an amazing meal, I hung out with the rents and had a great time. No shame in my game folks. Quality time with the people you love is the perfect way to spend Valentines. So, whether it’s with your fiancé, boyfriend, brother, mom, dad or best friends, today is the perfect day to cozy up by the fire with a warm chai latte and enjoy the company of a loved one.





What are your Valentines plans?