All Hail the Clarisonic



Believe the hype. My parents got me a Clarisonic in October for my birthday and I have been an proud addict ever since. It is a little pricey at $150 but worth every penny in my opinion. I have the Clarisonic Mia 2, but there are other versions. I love the Mia 2 design because the grip curves in and makes it super easy to hold. I use it both at night and post workouts and usually just wash my face with my hands in the AM. It deeply cleans the skin, pulling all of the impurities and stuff you don’t want in your skin out, leaving your skin soft and beautiful. Now that I have it, IΒ couldn’tΒ wouldn’t want to live without it. I can’t stress the importance of taking care of your skin! Think of your skin as a canvas. Clean, fresh looking skin not only helps your makeup go on smoothly but keeps you looking fab on those days when you don’t want to wear anything at all.Bonus points – the battery life is ridiculously good. I have only charged it twice since I got it in October. Did I mention that it is easy to travel with and comes in tons of cute colors?

Have you tried the Clarisonic? I can’t be alone in my addiction! If you have any questions about this little beauty just post them in the comments!

XO. Courtney