The Best Highlighters for Winter

MAC 'Soft and Gentle' Mineralize Skinfinish

During these Winter months it can be a challenge to keep our skin looking healthy and glowing, but that my friends is one of the many reasons why I love using a highlighter! In the Summer time it’s all about getting a beautiful bronzy golden glow, but in the winter, it’s all about bringing our skin to life with a more subtle, frosty glow! – Think less J-LO and more snow bunny in Aspen. 

For those of you who are firmiliar with highlighters, you can skip this explanation, but for my girls who are just getting into makeup here is a quick explanation – highlighters are the oh so beautiful shimmers that are meant to be placed on the tops of the cheek bones. There are other places to highlight – cupids bow (the dip right above your top lip), down the bridge of the nose and the forehead, but I prefer keeping the shimmer on my cheek bones and cupids bow and highlighting my nose and forehead with a brightener, which I am happy to go into in another post if you are interested – Let me know! 
Here are a couple of my favorite Highlighters for Winter – 

1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in “Luminous Light” – This is actually a finishing powder that is designed to go all over the face and give you the effect of being in different types lighting, depending on which one you have, but also is great as a soft highlight. Luminous Light is described as a “champagne pearl”, that I think gives the perfect, subtle, everyday glow.



2. Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish in “Fairly Precious” – This highlighter just came out in the new Mac “Magnetic Nude Collection” and it is GORGEOUS”. The other two are amazing too, but I find this one to very great for winter. Fairly Precious is a peachy/pearl shade that looks stunning right up against blush. 



3. Nars “Albatross” – This highlighter is a very classic highlighter type shade, it is a golden/white and beautiful in every season! This is definitely the most intense of the four and great for a night out.



4. Mac “Soft and Gentle” – If you don’t own any highlighters, I highly recommend this one! Soft and Gentle is one of, if not the, most universal highlighter in my collection. It goes with every look and is great for both day and night. If you want to invest in just one, check this out. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. 

 MAC 'Soft and Gentle' Mineralize Skinfinish


What are some of your favorite highlighters?