Our Most Used Baby Products in The First 18 Months

This post is for all the mama’s! Before I had Kins, I remember being pretty lost about what we actually needed vs what we would never use. How do you know which product is best when you’re looking at 50 different strollers/high chairs/toys?! I found it a bit overwhelming and wanted to put together our “must have” list to help all the new/future mama’s! Obviously every baby is different, but I listed the items that we used most in the first 18 months that really helped us!

This stroller is the absolute best! We’ve used it almost every single day since we’ve had Kins. It’s so easy to pack into the car, it’s super comfortable for Kins, and we can use it until she weighs 30 lbs! This is an absolute must have in my opinion!

Most of you already know about this little frog seat since I shared it so often when Kins was younger! I used this daily to just get little tasks completed (dishes, cooking, tiding the house) before Kinsley could sit up on her own.

Kinsley loved to roll around in this before she could walk! It was a good way to keep her active and moving around before she was super mobile herself. This was also a great option when she didn’t want to be on her mat.

A baby mat that is aesthetically pleasing. Need I say more?! We had this mat out in our living room at the old house and kept it out for months while she was scooting and crawling! I got the 6×8 size in the color dusk.

This is another current favorite! We read this book multiple times a day.

This is one of Kinsley’s current favorites! My mom got her this table and chairs for Christmas and she’s been using it since! She sits at the table for meals, to play, and uses her sensory bins at the table (more to come on the bins!)

We’ve absolutely loved this baby monitor, it has an app and I can check on Kins from anywhere!

Kinsley has this mat in pink and used it daily before she could sit up! She loved all of the toys at the top and this could keep her entertained longer than most toys!

You all know we love our family lunches on the weekends and we take this cover every time! Also the best for the grocery store!

This is our favorite diaper bag! It’s definitely the most functional that we have found (so many pockets, compartments, etc!) They come in a ton of different colors and patterns too!

These were our favorite shoes for Kins before she could walk! They are the cutest.

These are a current favorite and they are the best shoes for summer. We have them in multiple colors and Kinsley is obsessed!

These placemats are the BEST! They stick down to the table and Kins can eat right off the table without the germs!

This is something every mom needs! Sorry if this is TMI if you’re not a mama but… you pretty much use your own suction to suck the snot out of your baby’s nose and it makes all the difference!