Getting What You Want With Feminine Energy

Courtside With Courtney Episode 2

Secure your courtside seat for Episode 2 of Courtside with Courtney, where Courtney is joined by her friend Allie Dietz to explore the critical topic of setting expectations in relationships. In line with Courtney’s commitment to showcasing her inner circle, this episode gives listeners a direct view into the advice Courtney receives from her closest friends. Allie, drawing from her three-year relationship, unveils her secrets on harnessing feminine energy, advocating for what you deserve in a relationship, and using sweetness as a powerful force. The duo delves into managing expectations as relationships evolve, covering everything from the talking stage to engagement. They provide actionable tips, book recommendations, and playful games for listeners seeking to enrich their romantic connections. Don’t miss this episode as Courtney and Allie share their secrets on navigating the complexities of dating with grace and intentionality, offering a masterclass in relationship dynamics and fostering connection.