Father’s Day Gift Guide By Alex

Hey Beauties! Courtney has graciously given me an opportunity to take the reigns for another gift guide for Father’s Day. She keeps telling me you all enjoy when I do these so I’m honored to help! In doing a little digging about what other folks were promoting, it all seemed the same-shaving kits, cologne, ties, rinse and repeat. I don’t know about most dads but I am against these “default” gift ideas unless you’re in a time crunch. Father’s day should be all about unique ways to hang with Dad and so buying another grill set may not be the best way to do that. I tried to pick things that were relatively affordable so you could mix and match! MAXIMUM FUN!


Okay so I was listening to Gary Vee’s new book and he started talking about the future of tech. He said he thought that “voice” was going to be all over soon and so I bought one of these for Courtney for Mother’s Day. She uses it ALL the time! I bought her the main Google Home and a Google Home Mini because Gary Vee suggested putting an additional speaker in the bathroom as that is where a lot of your ideas come to you as well as reminders and the need to listen to music. I found a good discount on all models BUT if you bundle a “Mini” and “Home” they’ll give you $65 off! (the mini retails for $49 so its basically getting the mini for free plus an additional discount, plus FREE Shipping!…#Solid)

This is for that Dad who probably tells a lot of the corny jokes. You all will get a kick out of these and I found them at here  for a small sale! This could, and probably will, create some fun quality time.

I think breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I genuinely enjoy making it for people. However, there is always that part of breakfast I don’t enjoy though…DISHES! If I can make some breakfast sandwiches and can eliminate pans in the process, sign me up! Find it here on sale! PS: This is not sponsored by Walmart in any way, they were just coming in HOT with the sales!


Here’s a secret, a lot of Dad’s love to golf. Unfortunately the game is a time commitment to say the least. If I have an opportunity to just work on putting at home with a fold up mat and don’t have to drive to the links to just get some green time in, I’m all for it. It’s a relatively inexpensive option for dad to get his fix from home.

I understand this may not be for everyone, but this company caught my eye when they were on Shark Tank. It is a bottle opener made out of a 50 caliber (that’s really big) bullet. They come in all sorts of finishes, but I personally just think they’re pretty cool! The company is owned and operated by veterans and also donates and supports nonprofit veterans organizations which is also a really awesome bonus.

If you have been reading Courtney’s blog for a while, you have undoubtedly seen me break this bad boy out. As the weather gets warmer in Texas, the flies seem to come out of the woodworks and inevitably work their way into the house so firing a shot of table salt at them is the easiest way for me to get those pesky sons of guns out of here! Courtney is REDICULOUSLY afraid of spiders so this also comes in handy when there is a spider is around and I cant get them out of the house with a Kleenex. (Honestly, all guys are 5 years old inside so its just fun to shoot a salt gun)

This was a gift Courtney and I gave to her father two years ago. We use it all the time. Everyone plays, friends, moms, dads, kids, its fun for everyone. There is typically a line of people waiting to play once we break this bad boy out of the pool room, so win or be prepared to wait!

As a new(ish) father, I love any opportunity to bond with Kinsley. Wearing a corresponding outfit with her is super fun and I love any chance to do things with her. I thought these were some good options for the current or soon-to-be baby daddies out there 🙂

Courtney bought this for me for Christmas last year and now we are in a battle of epic proportions over who gets to use it every day. It charges SO FAST and holds so much extra battery that we are almost to the point of hiding from one another so the other person can’t use it. I thought I would really only use it on the occasional flight, but I try and take it with me every day. It holds such a long charge and it charges so much faster than my charger in my truck that I find myself just plugging into this instead, plus it will last me a few days. Unfortunately, Courtney has also fallen into this trend so if I don’t put it in my bag the night before, she’ll snag it from me!

I shared about this company in one of my past posts about their Polish Horseshoes game. I was poking around on their site because one of our accessories from a previous game was getting a tad worn and I stumbled upon Turtle Toss. This game seems pretty legit and provides a new spin on cornhole, which everyone loves. I think one of the best parts about it is its super portable. Everything folds up into a bag you can sling over your shoulder. This is much easier than bringing two heavy cornhole boxes everywhere you want to bring some games to. I’m definitely going to give this game a shot. (It only comes with one “board” but you can buy a second one on the company website if you want)

Pro Tip: Dad’s love sunglasses. I am the type of guy that will wear his current pair of sunglasses until I either sit on them or drop them in the lake. I think they have fallen into the category of a piece I’d like to have upgraded, but I am not really going to put in the effort to get some myself. If you’re husband/dad is like me, these may be the perfect gift because they are a steal. The price point is on the lower side, but they look really high end! Courtney- Are you reading this? I am trying to give you a hint here…!