7 tips for styling your coffee table

Good morning, beauties! I’m so excited about todays #HomeSweetBeauty post. There’s nothing quite like living in a space you love. Alex and I bought our first house this past October and I’ve had the best time turning it into our home. We discussed a budget for decor and my mom and I went to town. We spent about 6 months prior to move in looking for the perfect pieces to fill our home and I’ve been grabbing things ever since. A thing here, a thing there.

My mom is an interior designer, so I grew up with a major love for giving a space it’s personality. She’s a pro and I try and soak up a little more knowledge every time I drag her to help ;). One of the best pieces of advices that my Mom has given me about decorating a space is “don’t buy everything all at once”. This was a little easier said than done for my admittedly impulsive self, but so worth it in the end. After all , Mama knows best ;)!

I wanted to fill our house with pieces that I was completely in love with but that were still ‘realistic’ while having a hubby (ie. adding a few masculine touches to the feminine feel), two big pups and future little ones. If I had to describe my style/taste in decor, I would say: Chic, cozy and light with french accents and a touch of glamour. I’m drawn to spaces with a lot of natural light, high-celings, marble etc. but that feel comfortable and inviting – you get the vibe.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Snapchat, you’ve probably seen snippets of #HomeSweetBeauty here are there. My new site has me so excited to sharing more home and lifestyle posts with you guys.

I posted a picture of our coffee table on Snapchat a few days ago and I got a ton of questions for you guys, so I thought it would be fun to do a full post with tips for coffee table success! I’ve rounded up my top 7 tips and things that I always go back to when hunting up the right pieces.

1. Pick a substantial piece

Pick a substantial/main piece. Our substantial piece for example, is the white tray (lots of cute trays here). It adds some nice weight to the table (by weight I mean something that grounds the feel, not as ‘airy’ as other pieces). This helps to make the smaller pieces you choice look like a unit and really helps to tie everything together.


2. Layer

My favorite way to layer in stacking books. This can be coffee table books, notebooks, magazines etc. I love this one, this one {my leopard book you guys ask about!} and this one. I like to add a candle for a finishing touch.


3. Mix Textures

Mixing textures gives the table a very high-end feel and adds an element of interest!


4. Create Sections

This helps to unify everything and make sure that it doesn’t look like a bunch of random stuff thrown together. The tray is a section {one of my favorite things to put here are lots of candles} and then the books are a section.


5. Vary Heights

Varying heights is what makes the table interesting because your eyes move from pieces to piece, creating a flow!


6. A personal touch

Add a little something that has some kind of sentimental value that will make you smile. My family has a place in the Outer Banks, NC – I’ve gone ever year since I was a kid, it’s like a second home to me. I snagged this pretty little urchin while on our trip last year. It always makes me think of the beach, family time and all around good memories. It’s a little obvious than a picture but still has meaning and is unique. Home should make your smile and just make YOU feel good when you walk in, so it should always be personal. This adorable white succulent was a birthday present from one of my best friends, Taylor. I love it and it always makes me think of her.


7. Add a little life

Our coffee table ALWAYS has flowers. There’s just something about flowers that liven everything up. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you might have seen that my Mom and I had a mother daughter day Saturday and snagged the cutest little succulents! If you’re not a flowers kinda girl, a succulent is a great option! If you like the flower feel but don’t want the commitment of having to get fresh flowers every week, try an orchid!