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Let’s just say, I walked Sephora and beelined straight for these little beauties. They were calling my name (loudly) and you know I couldn’t resist. These eyeshadows have definitely been hyped up and I am excited to say that they are everything and more that I thought they would be. They have the highest pigmentation on the market, at 88%, and they blend out like a DREAM. They come in 210 colors and 5 different finishes. At first glance they seem a bit pricey but once you realize that they are almost double the size of Mac shadows, you realize it’s a good deal. You can buy them in singles, duos or trios. Purchasing them in the trio is the best deal, and once you swatch one of these babies you will want at least three…trust me. If you’re anything like me 210 shades is awesome but can be pretty overwhelming, so I’ve swatched the colors I picked up and hopefully this will help you out :).

From left to right

D320 Golden Khaki

M600 Pink Brown

M1606 Pinky Earth

M738 Auburn

I736 Copper Red

ME728 Copper Red

M510 Vanilla

I648 Golden Fawn

M548 Pink Gray


I really can’t say enough good things about these shadows! They really are so amazing! I’m looking forward to posting some looks using these very soon, so stay tuned! On another note, Alex and I are moving, so things are crazy over here but follow along on Instagram to see what we are up to :).