1 product, 2 ways


I’m really excited to start a series here on my blog called “1 Product, 2 ways“. There is something so gratifying about being able to use a beauty product multiple different ways. It just makes the $$$ that much more well spent, not to mention it’s super convenient. These are quick little tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way – easy but creative ways to use 1 product, 2 ways!  I’ll be kicking off this series with bronzer…

Use #1

The conventional usage – in the hallows of the cheeks/around the face to warm it up.

Use #2

As eyeshadow – Using the bronzer that you put on your face, in your crease, is a great way to add definition to the eye while getting a little more bang for your buck! I love doing this when I am in a rush or just want to look natural but a little more put together, just swipe a little bronzer into your crease with a fluffy blending brush, pop some mascara on and you’re good to go! Perfect for a warm spring day.

I already have so many things in mind for this series, I can hardly wait! I’m thinking of doing a post on my favorite makeup brushes… what I use them for, the best brands etc. Interested? 🙂

Have a great weekend! xo