Lip Trick : Plump it up!


Happy Thursday! Back to beauty. This is one of my favorite makeup tricks to help enhance your natural lips and plump those bad boys up! Ok, let’s get to the good stuff…

What you’ll need

1. Light nude pencil for highlighting – I used the NYX “Wonder Pencil” {NYX can be found at Ulta and some Targets} in the shade Light. The Wonder Pencil is a multipurpose pencil – eyes, face or lips. The other cool thing about this pencil is that it is very affordable and comes in 3 shades, so you can get the shade of nude that best suits your skin tone. My all-time favorite nude pencil is Nars “Rue Bonaparte” from my “How to Get Big + Bright eyes” post, but since it is specifically eyeliner {and more pricey} I prefer to use it only on my eyes!

2. Natural color lip pencil (a little darker than your natural lips) – I used Mac “Stripdown”.

3. Lipgloss – I used Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in the shade “Sandy”.  Sandy is a really pretty, sheer nude/peach color.

photo copy

Step 1

Line right above your top lip with a nude pencil. Don’t worry too much about this, we will going to re-do it towards the end. Blend this out with your finger – We are just using this as a guideline to start.

Step 2

Line your top and bottom lip with a natural lip pencil. Don’t over-line the top, but you can over-line the bottom just a little. When we are done, this will create more of a shadow than a line.

Step 3

Use the nude liner to fill in the very middle of both the top and bottom lip. Adding a lighter color to the center of the lips will bring light to the center of the lips and help them pop!

Step 4

Use the same nude pencil and re-trace above the top lip.

Step 5

Blend, blend, blend~! Blend out the natural/tan liner and blend all of the places you put the nude liner. Tip – blend in a tapping motion so it fades without smearing and disappearing. I find that using my finger is the way to go for all of the blending in this trick.

Step 6

Add the gloss and ta-da! You’re plumped and ready to go :).

Well, that’s it :). This is a subtle but effective way to give your lips a natural plump! If you try this trick out tag me on Instagram, I would love to see!

xo Courtney